Drums, Voice, Curls – Jammin’ with Jarita Freydank

© IG Account Jarita Freydank

A dream come true for me, thanks to Her*MusicWorld I get to meet wonderful musicians and may dive for a moment into their world. I am more so grateful to live in Berlin because this is the place where the world is coming together. Last weekend I walked through the park with the very versatile… Continue reading Drums, Voice, Curls – Jammin’ with Jarita Freydank

Jawdropping One-Woman* Band – KidBeKid

©Sabine Hahnefeld KidBeKid IG Acccount

Thanks to the lovely musician Ina West, you will get to know about more soon enough; I got to hear about KidBeKid. This is exactly what I love about this platform: we get to share our favorite female* musicians and be inspired by what amazing talent is out there! Talking about talent. KidBeKid is truly… Continue reading Jawdropping One-Woman* Band – KidBeKid

Haddy Rapia the Nigerian Rap Queen

If my newly opened platform stands for true visibility and true diversity of female* musicians world wide, I believe I have to start showing those values by writing articles myself and share with you all what I find during my research. I myself had to realise how narrow my knowledge is about international female* musicians.… Continue reading Haddy Rapia the Nigerian Rap Queen