Toy Piano Concert – Fidan Aghayeva-Edler

┬ętaken from Fidan Aghayeva-Edler Homepage

It is probably not too fair to introduce the professional pianist Fidan Aghayeva-Edler to you with her recent Toy Piano Concert here in Berlin, Germany. But I have seen the video a few days ago, and it made me smile and become cheerful! My first thought was, I need to share this with you on… Continue reading Toy Piano Concert – Fidan Aghayeva-Edler

Jawdropping One-Woman* Band – KidBeKid

┬ęSabine Hahnefeld KidBeKid IG Acccount

Thanks to the lovely musician Ina West, you will get to know about more soon enough; I got to hear about KidBeKid. This is exactly what I love about this platform: we get to share our favorite female* musicians and be inspired by what amazing talent is out there! Talking about talent. KidBeKid is truly… Continue reading Jawdropping One-Woman* Band – KidBeKid