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©Sabine Hahnefeld KidBeKid IG Acccount

Thanks to the lovely musician Ina West, you will get to know about more soon enough; I got to hear about KidBeKid. This is exactly what I love about this platform: we get to share our favorite female* musicians and be inspired by what amazing talent is out there! Talking about talent. KidBeKid is truly a remarkable musician who represents, as she says herself, a 4-Instrument-One-Woman-Band without a Loopstation, which gives her the freedom to express herself musically, the way she wants and feels like.

Have a look and listen yourself:

The combination of beat-boxing whilst singing and then playing beautiful melodies and musical surfaces on the piano and synthesizer is mesmerizing. She* represents a combination of superpower and vulnerability at the same time to me, and I love getting lost listening to her music but also watching how seemingly effortless and playful she is creating music live. Next to her amazing musical talent, her humble character is shown on her IG account, where you can not only see videos from her performances. You should also check out her endearing conversation with a music teacher, where she explains to his students how she creates her One-Woman-Band Sound step by step.

You will also get to know her personal road of gender identification and how she is an advocate of a non-binary gender system; at least, that is how I understood her. I suppose that is why her latest EP is called “Lovely Genders”, which I highly recommend.

Just by watching her videos, I am already wooed, and I can understand the very positive reviews about her live concerts, shortly before the Pandemic put a pause on everything! I would love to see and listen to her live in the future, and I suppose a few more of you will do too 🙂

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Photocredits go to KidBeKid on Instagram and Sabine Hahnefeld

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