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Hello dear Friends, Supporters and Followers of Her*MusicWorld its “(not so) serious Monday” and I would love to tell you about this really wonderful platform and I think very important initiative called “Bassists with Boobs”. I have only heard about them last week through our very passionate and helpful new community member Michaela! Little spoiler Alert 😉 You will all get to know her soon in our first podcast when we are both going to have a little chat for you all!

BUT today its all about fantastic women that play the double-bass and let me tell you its a beauty to follow those ladies wrapped around the double-bass and expressing themselves through the low swinging and vibrating strings of that bass! If you like so too, follow them on Instagram and almost everyday you will have another woman transported to you on your screen making the double-bass sing to you!

Despite that I would love to recommend to you to watch the Interview with the three founders of their initiative Evangeline Tang, Yijia Cui and Phoebe Clarke! They are not only great musicians, which you will hear at the end of the Interview as well, but its very important and exactly down our alley here on Her*MusicWorld, what they have to say and what message they carry out to the world! Evangeline, Yijia and Phoebe you rock and you made my heart vibrate with your message and musicality! Thank you and go on like this, because you represent change in the music-business for women as well!!!

The Interview

So that was it already for today, enjoy the double-bass women and you will hear from us again tomorrow!

Cheers from Zoey

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Photocredits go to Bassists with Boobs on Instagram

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