She Shreds – Women, get to the guitars and the bass

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Hello dear H*MW community,

It’s time again for “Thursday on Strings!” 
Apparently, it’s my networking week this week, and I’d like to introduce you to another platform that focuses on female musicians of a particular instrument. Okay, there are actually two on this one: it’s about women* who play either guitar or bass or both.

May I introduce: SheShreds ! IG FB
The name says it all, and the staff takes me very sympathetically into their world of female musicians* who love to express themselves through the guitar or bass.

As a platform, they are a great role model for my vision of HerMusicWorld, and on top of it all, they come from Portland, Oregon, my almost second home. It’s important to them to be diverse and inclusive and to make women visible on their instruments through their blog, a magazine, and videos. The topics are super interesting. They talk about role models from history and the present and very current topics like identity, representation, and the future of the guitar.
Furthermore, they offer a forum where female musicians can exchange, inspire and help each other out. So if you are bored on a rainy (German) holiday like today and want to lose yourself in the musical world of female guitarists and bassists, please give this platform your attention! I wish you a lot of fun and new inspirations!
Your Zoey

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