Drums, Voice, Curls – Jammin’ with Jarita Freydank

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A dream come true for me, thanks to Her*MusicWorld I get to meet wonderful musicians and may dive for a moment into their world. I am more so grateful to live in Berlin because this is the place where the world is coming together. Last weekend I walked through the park with the very versatile musician and music educator Jarita Freydank! Our conversation encouraged me once again to implement HerMusicWorld and make female musicians visible. With Jarita’s vision to become a university lecturer, there will hopefully be another female role model in the music-academic context! Go for it Jarita!!!

But that’s not all, we share another commonality, and that is the visualization of percussionists and drummers. On the day of our walk, she celebrated another video release premiere, and I was quite euphoric with her. Without question, Jarita has to be there on “Tuesdays Beats” day, because she and her colleagues set the beat! 🙂

See for yourself the latest interview of her YouTube series “Jammin with Jarita” feat. Tracey Duncan:

You will learn more about Jarita in the coming months, as we will also publish a video interview from and with her. Until then, feel free to support her work by following her YouTube series or Instagram account or jamming with her 😉

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