Electric Ladyland – Nai Palm – Naomi Saalfield

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If you haven’t heard about the Australian, Neo Soul, Future Soul, fantastic Guitarist and Vocalist “Nai Palm” yet, its about time! A few years ago I got hooked on her music starting with this song:

Its hard for me to find the right words that do her artistry justice! What intrigued me was her guitar playing, the melodies and rhythm, the vocals with all the mesmerizing choral elements in them and last but not least the message in her lyrics! You can find this song on her first solo album “Needle Paw” its a journey on its own. Her music has her own signature that you will recognize in each song, but then each song has a surprising element as well. I love it when musicians include traditional musical elements from the countries they are from into their music. Which she has done in her Song “Wititj”in collaboration with Australian indigenous performer Jason Guwanbal Gurruwiwi.

Despite her amazing musicality, once I started to do some research and hear about her story, reading about the challenges she has already faced family and health wise in her young life are beyond impressive to me!

Have fun discovering her music like I did and support her by buying her music 😉 if you can! https://naipalm.com/

Cheers and Love, Zoey Zoley

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