Her* Music World

The Story

I recently hosted a music livestream for 16 days. Inspired by talking to the many female musicians, I got a vision.

I want to give female musicians from all over the world a voice: On an internet platform with video interviews.

I want female musicians to become more visible in society worldwide. It should no longer be a surprise when they enter the stage with a double bass, a tuba, a drum set, as a conductor or a one-woman-show!

The beauty in the way they make music and the beauty of the individual instrument should be seen and heard and understood as a craft.

The fact that women and musicians from different countries are hiding behind a curtain when auditioning,
so that potential clients do not pay attention to their gender or their origin, is for me the wrong approach! Their talents, their genius, their love for making music should be perceived and valued without gender!

There must be a jolt through society, a change. And female musicians should be able to show themselves naturally, consciously and in their creative power.

This project is primarily about female musicians you don’t hear about all the time. Female musicians who have an everyday life and still live more or less from making music! So women in whom you can find yourself as a musician rather than the few who have made it to the big stages of the world.

I was inspired for the project by:
– many documentaries
– podcasts
– conversations with female musicians
– successful women in other fields
– as well as from my own experience.

All of them had one thing in common: These women often lacked a female role model on their way. A woman they could have looked to for guidance and relate to. A woman who would have given them courage, inspiration and encouragement on their way.

I am Zoey Zoley a: woman, friend, worldcitizen, singer, city tour guide of Berlin, hopelessly passionate about life and making use of my voice as an instrument. Currently singing in our Jazz Duo Mew Matou, but always interested in new collaborations. Recently Mother of www.hermusicworld.com


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