Desired Platform


A platform for female* musicians worldwide that stands for:
True Visibility | True Diversity | True interdisciplinary Networking

True Visibility

  • Videointerviews with female* musicians
  • Interviews as a Podcast
  • Photos of the featured musicians „at work“
  • News/Blog featuring i.e. musicians being awarded, women in music history, cross-genre subjects

True Diversity

  • Variety of Instruments is represented including technical jobs, different voice technics, professions in Musicbusiness i.e. composer*; conductor*
  • cross-genre
  • all Women* (i.e.FLINTA)
  • global and intercultural

True interdisciplinary Networking

Micro Network
  • Individual instrument cluster
  • Individual genre cluster
  • Technical cluster (i.e. producer*; sound engineer*; mastering*)
  • Profession cluster (i.e. composer*; conductor*; teacher)
  • cross-genre cluster – classic can be cool and pop can be serious, or both 😉

Macro Network

  • Labels
  • Agencies/Managment
  • Coaching/Counselling
  • Legal Counselling
  • Festivals/Panels/Workshops
  • Auditions/Competitions
  • Political Activism
  • Environmental &Sustainability Activism in Musicbusiness
  • Radiostations/Podcasts/Livestreams
  • Other Networks
  • Universities/Schools
  • Recording Studios
  • CD/Tape/Vinyl Production Factories
  • Merchandising Production
  • Illustrators*/Photographers*/Videoartists*
  • Webdesigner*
  • Funds
  • Collaborations
  • Music-/instrument-/equipment stores and factories

The Interviews are about:
– her* musical resume and/or love story with her* instrument/profession
– their challenges/crises and how they have dealt with them, what has helped
– what advice or inspiration they would give to other or aspiring musicians on their way and
– what they would like to see different in the musicbusiness for women*

For the video interviews I could bring Stefanie Stoye (video journalist and filmmaker) on board so far.

As a photographer I could win, Andrea Künstle for the project.
She will accompany and document the interviews with her photo camera. Because our idea is also to publish a book, in which approx. 100 female musicians are portrayed. Two pages will be dedicated to each musician: a portrait and the interview in abbreviated form.