Join Us!

As a guest author* in our Music Blog

You love writing about and sharing with the world your favourite female* musicians and bands from all over the world? Is it Rock-, Electronic-, HipHop-, World-, Metal-, Jazz-, Experimental-, Classical Music, YOU name it, EVERY Genre, EVERY Instrument beyond Singing, EVERY Country is welcome here, because YES, I know they* are out there and its time for all of them to shine and be represented! It is time for society that they will be able, when asked, to name at least one or more female* musician of each instrument and genre! On our Holistic Sunday we even want to hear about subjects like Music Therapy, personal development (mental health & physical health for musicians*) and new & inclusive ways of teaching music and instruments.

As a Team-Member to build and establish the H*MW – platform

Do you want to get involved? Do you have ideas and tips or can you think of women who could get involved? 

Co-Founder*, marketing, administration, sound engineering, social media, networking etc. We want and need YOU to soar into the sky and finally make female* musicians truly visible!

As an Investor* because you believe in our Cause and Vision too!

Of course, such a project needs money. You can also support us financially.

The project is also looking for team members in the following areas: marketing, administration, sound engineering, social media, networking. For the time being, this vision is about idealistic participation, but it should not stay that way, everyone should be rewarded for their energy and commitment in an appreciative way!

To ensure fair compensation for all participants, ideas for funding are needed (e.g. through grant applications, attracting media partners, crowdfunding, private supporters).